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Okayama University reveals first flexible cryptoprocessor

Researchers at Okayama University have collaborated with Tokyo Electron Device to create a cryptography chip that can adjust its level of security on the fly - a secure cryptoprocessor that can change the scale of security without requiring changes in the hardware. As computer performance improves, it will become increasingly difficult to adjust the security level of devices to match emerging techniques and use new schemes. For example the secure key length of RSA cryptography can be 512, 1024, 2048, and 3072 bits. The processor also supports recent advances in cryptography like elliptic curve and paring-based cryptography. Cryptoprocessors need to be upgraded together with their arithmetic architectures. The new cryptoprocessor scales with evolving security needs using a cyclic vector multiplication algorithm (CVMA), a concept previously developed at Okayama. The chip has a compact circuit scale, and could be used in terminals and IoT devices.

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