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Feb. 24, 2016 (1 year, 5 months ago)

Byzcoin - Bitcoin protocol improvements for low latency transactions

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency providing an open, self-regulating alternative to classical currencies. Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer network where users submit transactions without intermediaries. Bitcoin miners collect transactions, solve computational puzzles (proof-of-work) to reach consensus, and add the transactions to a distributed public ledger known as the blockchain. The original Bitcoin paper argues that transaction processing is secure and irreversible as long as the largest colluding group of miners represents less than 50% of total computing capacity and at least about one hour has elapsed. Critically this transaction latency limits Bitcoin's suitability for real-time transactions, furthermore recent work has exposed vulnerabilities to transaction reversibility, double-spending, and strategic mining attacks. This paper introduces ByzCoin, a novel protocol that leverages scalable collective signing to commit Bitcoin transactions irreversibly within seconds.

Jan. 30, 2015 (2 years, 6 months ago)

Bitcoin Startup Gem May Revolutionize MultiSig Wallet Security

Bitcoin startup Gem provides a scalable API for bitcoin developers, has a new security enhancement that may be significant for the future of Bitcoin security. The company announced the inclusion of Custom Hardware Security Modules produced by Thales e-Security, as part of their standard multi-sig bitcoin wallet. Multi-sig wallets have become the standard for Bitcoin wallet security. A multi-sig wallet is associated with several private keys, making it more secure.