TechWatch Quick Start

  1. Your first port of call is the Home page which contains a scrollable list of ‘nuggets’. Nuggets are the central feature of TechWatch. A nugget has a hyperlink to a piece of published research, and provides a succinct summary of its commercial relevance, written by a named expert. It also enables you to explore and filter a wide set of related information.

    • If you are not logged in you will see all public nuggets from all TechWatch products.
    • If you are logged in, the visible nuggets will be all those in the TechWatch products you are subscribed to, plus all public nuggets. Subscriber-only nuggets are indicated by a padlock.

  2. If you want to filter the list of nuggets then click on any tag.

  3. Each nugget contains a title, and below it, a link to the referenced research (also available by clicking on the thumbnail) and a summary of the TechWatch analysis.

  4. Clicking on the title of a nugget brings up a new page which contains the full nugget description, including the country of origin, and a list of the related items in the TechWatch database such as SMEs, research groups and dealflow. It also displays a set of pre-configured search links to help you explore the innovation ecosystem around this nugget.

  5. Each nugget has a set of options to enable deeper analysis:

    1. Explore – this brings up the ‘InfoMine’, a graphical view of related information in the TechWatch database such as SMEs, research groups and financial deals;
    2. Add to Clipboard – this adds the nugget to a temporary list in the right hand panel of the page. The clipboard is cleared when your session ends. This feature allows you to note a set of data items as you browse the TechWatch site. You can manage your clipboard through the link in the panel on the right.
    3. Add to Bookmarks – this adds the nugget to a bookmark list. This list is preserved between visits by a logged-in user whereas the clipboard is cleared.
    4. Give Feedback – this allows you to provide feedback to the expert author of the nugget or to the administrator.
    5. Add all related items to clipboard - allows you to quickly capture the set of related information into your clipboard (a temporary store).

  6. On the home page, each nugget has options a-d above plus 2 options to produce the list of related items and pre-configured search links mentioned in 4 above.

    • Show Related – this brings up a list of closely related entries in the TechWatch database, the ‘Info Items’ (same data appears in the InfoMine).
    • Show Searches – this brings up some pre-configured web searches to help you find patents, news and related research papers.

  7. The Search menu item brings up a capability to find nuggets and info items from within the extensive database. Clicking on a nugget will bring up its detailed view and allow you to explore its related information as in 4.

  8. The Tags menu item provides a tag cloud. Clicking on any tag brings up a list of Nuggets and Info Items with that tag.

  9. The INFO-ITEMS menu brings up a list of the latest Info Items in the database — research groups, research papers, financial deals and SMEs. This list can be filtered by clicking on a tag. Clicking on a link takes you to the source web page for this item. Clicking on the category of item (Deal, SME etc) produces a list that comprises just that category.

  10. Bookmarks — this allows you to save a nugget for later analysis whereas the clipboard option mentioned above stores a set of nuggets and InfoItems for this session only. The clipboard can be used to generate a report to show colleagues the information set that has been identified.

  11. Experts – provides a list of nugget contributors and links to their profiles on LinkedIn.

  12. Request a Trial – please click here to request a temporary username and password. A trial provides full access to the TechWatch database for a limited period. Most nuggets are only visible to logged-in users, and are marked by a padlock.

  13. About – further information about SecurityTechWatch and a link to the founder’s blog.

N.B. — Nugget descriptions are the copyright of the author and all rights are reserved. TechWatch provides links to other sites which may have their own copyright restrictions.